Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant. Alexa is a lot like Apple’s Siri, but instead of existing within your phone or computer, Alexa lives in Amazon cloud. A few years ago, the coordinated smart home felt like a dream but Amazon Echo changed the way with interact with smart home devices over voice.  Lets make PiHome work with Amazon echo.

Amazon Echo

Update PiHome

Lets update your PiHome software from Github to latest. login to your raspberry pi and issue following commands.

Update PiHome Database

Updating PiHome database is easy enough, run following two lines, this update process will create backup of your exiting database in case if you need to revert back.

Install python serial library

After PiHome version 1.73 python serial library required to connect to your Smart Home Gateway


  1. 1. Execute the installer using – ‘sh’
  2. Tell Echo, “discover my devices”
  3. Use Echo’s “zone name on” and “zone name off” to set the BOOST on or off as required

Note: if the hot water zone name contains the words ‘hot water’ then Echo will respond to ‘hot water’ e.g for a zone name of ‘Ch. Hot Water’ Echo will respond to ‘hot water’ on/off