PiHome Smart Heating controller required some task to be schedule on regular interval to function properly, add all following crontab jobs as root

Database Cleanup: Delete Temperature records older then 3 days. Delete Node Battery status older then 3 months. Delete Gateway Logs data older then 3 days. if you want to keep all data comments following line.

Get CPU temperature and update database.

Update Weather from OpenWeather, Make sure you signup to openweather api and update api key in database->system table.

Ping your gateway (home router) and if can not ping reboot wifi on Raspberry pi. make sure you modify /var/www/cron/reboot_wifi.sh with your gateway ip if you want to save log resuts un-commnets following line.

If you are using Wireless setup with Smart Home Gateway then you need following crong job to check and start Smart Home Gateway python script if its not running.

If you have Temperature Sensors Wired to Raspberry pi GPIO un-comment the following line to read temperature sensors data.

If you signup for PiConnect – Simplify the Connected API Key you can save this key to PiConnect table to sync. your data with PiConnect this way you can mange your heating from http://www.pihome.eu/piconnect/ as todate this service is still under testing. email me at [email protected] if you need help or more information about this.