Amazon Echo

PiHome with Amazon Echo Voice Control

Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant. Alexa is a lot like Apple’s Siri, but instead of existing within your phone or computer, Alexa lives in Amazon cloud. A few years ago, the coordinated smart home felt like a dream but Amazon Echo changed the way with interact with smart home devices over voice.  Lets make PiHome work with Amazon echo. Update PiHome Lets update your PiHome software from Github to latest. login to your raspberry pi and issue following commands.

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PiHome version 1.74

PiHome community always working hard to improve some of exiting feature to make things better. If you have any feedback or run into any issues you can always find help on PiHome site. This release packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes, to name some of them as follow: Highlights in This Release T here are over 200 changes to PiHome since Last release version 1.73, to name few of major changes: #193 iOS HomeKit API – Homebridge (work…

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