PiHome Smart Heating Zone Schedule with Conditional Coop start: Idea is to have option in the schedule for the zone to have conditional coop cut in. Probably no big use for it if you have 3 zones, but might be handy for example for hot water, it makes more sense with multiple zones, with many zones there will be one of them cutting in after the other so probably boiler will run all the time.

Zone with Coop Start

Zone Schedule with Conditional Coop Start

Zone Schedule with Conditional Coop Start

Idea is that if zone has conditional coop schedule active it won’t start even if it’s below set-point, it will only start if it’s below set-point and boiler is already running and then finish normally when set-point is reached even if zones that enabled start of it finished heating.

So basically let’s say during day temperature downstairs on normal schedule and attic and bedrooms cut in only when they are below temperature and downstairs cut in.

Same during the night normal zone control in bedrooms and rest of the house is conditional start, basically it do not care about that much start only when the ones I care about more are already running.

Same can be used for hot water, there are periods when you want hot water, morning, evening for shower (use normal schedule then), but for rest of the day don’t start boiler if only request is hot water, wait for other zone that has normal schedule to start and heat it together.

Schedule with Conditional Coop start implemented in PiHome Smart heating version 1.63, i strongly recommend you to update your PiHome Smart Heating installation even if you do not want to use new features, new release also include some bug fixes.


Thanks to the following people who have contributed code to this release: