Once more contribution to PiHome Smart Heating by the community. PiHome community always working hard to improve some of exiting feature to make things better.
If you have any feedback or run into any issues you can always find help on PiHome site.
This release packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes, to name some of them as follow:

PiHome Version 1.73

PiHome Version 1.73

Highlights in This Release

#135 Romanian language Added
Latvia language Added
#133 Added exception logging and Error handling to Gateway Script
#125 PHPMailer for Database Backup
#123 Database Cleanup
#120 Fix For Zone model GPIO Pin
#117 Fix naming conflicts for Nodes model
#114 Change to System Temperature pop-up Heading
#113 Fix for Cron Job Listing when date less than 10th
#112 Update to Boiler Settings Modal
#111 Zone Add/Edit Sensor Child ID Fix bug
#109 Cronjob settings menu updated. Checks if jobs are running.


Special thanks to the following people who have contributed code to this release:

Important information

Update your PiHome Smart Heating installation even if you do not want to use new features, new release also include some bug fixes.

How To update

Login to your PiHome via ssh and follow these steps to update your PiHome Smart Heating.

Update PiHome Software

Update PiHome Database

Additional Python Library

Script for Serial and Ethernet/WiFi gateway are joined as one file hence you must install python serial library