PiHome community always working very hard to improve your experience of Smart Heating. PiHome version 1.76 is packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes. If you have any feedback or run into any issues you can always find help on PiHome site. This release packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes.

PiHome Smart Heating 1.76

Highlights in This Release

There are over 450 changes to PiHome since Last release version 1.75, to name few of major changes:

#288 Circulation Pump Overrun #263 settings from gui
#274 Backend changes for boiler circulation pump overrun
#289 homelist overrun indication
#245 Add-On: Electrical Immersion Control
#253 Introduce Zone Categories and implement in boiler.php flow control
#256 Improve readability of schedule processing nested if block and fix bug for Cat2 Zone processing
#262 Sync homelist zone status with boiler.php #49
#268 Implement Add-On logging and status indicators for add-ons (status indicator moved to a function for multiple usage)
#272 Delete Nodes/Sensors from Settings
#280 Initial Version of Add-On Controller Sketch
#284 #283 Fix Performance Issue homelist.php
#285 zone fault indication on homelist bugfix
#296 battery chart
#300 Update notice
#304 Update gpio_ds18b20
#306 Update MySensors Gateway python Script
#328 Fix for Add Node GUI plus Virtual Node Type
#329 Sonoff update to gateway script
#341 Process Sonoff ON/OFF Button
#348 GUI for Sonoff HTTP commands
#350 Allow creation of HTTP messages for Tasmota type nodes not yet allocated to a zone


Special thanks to the people who have contributed code and ideas to this release:

Important information

Update your PiHome Smart Heating installation even if you do not want to use new features, new release also include some bug fixes.

How To update

Login to your PiHome via ssh and follow these steps to update your PiHome Smart Heating.

Update Raspberry pi

Python 3 installation

Set Python 3 as Default

Update PiHome Software

Migration Database

Execute the ‘migrate_db.php’ file found in the directory ‘MySQL_Database’, this will update the database structure and migrate the existing ‘zone’ table data, it will also update the views as required.
Update the other files in the normal manner.

Updated PiHome Database

Wiring Pi Deprecated

Wiringpi is deprecated and no longer supported by PiHome, If you are using Raspberry pi GPIO to controller your zone or boiler make sure you update GPIO pin number to physical pin number of your Raspberry pi.

Help for Next PiHome Release

If you’re interested in helping out please checkout GitHub for issue. If you like PiHome Smart Heating Controller please consider starring the project on GitHub and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PiHomeHVAC)

About PiHome and Its Evolution


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