Download LAMP (Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB and phpMyAdmin) Server IMG File that I have prepared for Raspberry pi and it will fit on 4GB SD card, this image comes with the LAMP stack and including Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB and phpMyAdmin pre installed and configured, you can download this image and burn it on SD card (minimum 4GB sd card required).This LAMP stack comes with Raspbian 10 (buster).

if you need help with how to copy img file to sd card please check this OS Installation and WiFi Configuration.

You need to expand the file system to the full size of the sd card. I did an update and upgrade to keep it all current to date 21-07-2018. The Image is 700 MB in size.

Note: If you want to use this image file for PiHome then you need to make small modification to Apache config file i.e change document root folder.

By default Apache server installed with document root pointing to /var/www/html, I have changed it to /var/www/ in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf for PiHome to work.

Raspbery Pi LAMP Download