i have tons of email from lots of people requesting different features and upgrades so i thought to have post on site about roadmap/feature requests for PiHome so we can share ideas what we can do and what is needed and how community can help and contribute, right now everything is under one post but once we get things moving we can have one dedicate page for each upgrade.

List of request/features i have so far:

  1.  Weekly Schedule 7-Day Programmable Thermostat.
    (Completed on 19/01/2019) Thanks to Terry Adams
  2. Room thermostat with some small touch LCD screen where you can set temperatures without schedule similar to boost function but without time limit only temperature.
  3. Add MQTT protocol support to add support for other type of hardware.
    Support for MQTT temperature sensors added by paulcsf on Github
  4. Voice control with Google Home/Alexa/IFTTT support etc
  5. PID Control (i call this weather factor but industry call this PID) for your ref: https://www.eurotherm.com/pid-control-made-easy
  6. Full HVAC compatibility for North America and other countries who got heating and cooling system.
  7. OpenTherm is just over the horizons. all new boilers will be built with this protocol for management.
  8. Holidays Feature, for set date and time in future when heating will be set to off.
  9. Boost/Away Button Console
    Initial work completed prototype is in testing. see image link
  10. Multi-Language Support
    Completed with new update to Dolphin version 1.6 you need to translate languages/en.php to your native language.

Low priority
Modulating the boiler flow temp based on the outside weather/temp
Geo fencing – turning off heat automatically when your not home, turning it back on as you are on your way home, this will required smart phone app to work.