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Enable Serial Port on GPIO on Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian Jessie)

The Raspberry Pi GPIO serial port configuration has changed under Jessie and also with the Raspberry PI 3. By Default serial port is disabled and on RPI 3 Bluetooth made it even made it more confusing to enable Serial Port on GPIO. In this post i’ll describes how to enable serial port on GPIO. As i m not interested in Bluetooth so i m going to disable it and keep GPIO serial. In order to enable serial port edit /boot/config.txt…

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Building a MySensors Serial Gateway

Connect Arduino to Raspberry Pi There are few ways to connect MySensors Serial Gateway (Arduino) to Raspberry pi, the easiest one is to connect Serial Gateway (Arduino) via USB port to raspberry pi. This is be easiest way and saves hassle of all wiring on other hand we can use serial pins on raspberry pi to connect to Arduino which is little bit difficult but we are here to build everything our self so let’s build pcb board with all…

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