PiHome - Smart Heating Control

Meet the Open Source Smart Heating

Internet of things or IoT also referes to connection of devices and smart devices i.e Cars, kitchen appliances home alarm can be connected. 

PiHome - Smart Heating Control is a web based home automation system runs on credit card size single board computer Raspberry Pi. 

Most of the code written in PHP, CSS, JS & Python.  

Active control of your multi zone heating, hot water including electrical immersion with unlimited schedules, boost and night climate.

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What's Required
  • Raspberry Pi (RPi)
  • One Wire DS18B20 Sensor
  • 5v Relay Module
  • nRF24L01+/2.4GHz RF Wireless Module
  • Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter
  • Arduino Pro/Pro Mini 5v and 3.3v

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Friendly user interface for configuring different temperature schedules throughout the day.