Integrated Home Assistant with PiHome

I recently installed Home Assistant on a spare Raspberry Pi to play a bit with it and see what this system could offer. Once I got it running and configured it to control a couple of lights I started wondering if and how Home Assistant could be integrated with PiHome. After doing some researches I decided to give it a try, and by the end of the day everything was up and running! The idea of this implementation is to…

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32 Zone Under Floor Heating System

Property is setup with 32 underfloor heating zone manage through 6 manifold in total scattered in different locations throughout the property. Each manifold have electrical zone valve to open/close hot water circulation through manifold and circulation pump to circulate water in its manifold to cope with heating demand and separate zone valve to allow water the go through this manifold. Current Setup Current setup is consist of Heatmiser UF1 zone controller with TRV-N wired temperature sensors to control individual zone…

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PiHome version 1.75

PiHome community always working very hard to improve your experience of Smart Heating. PiHome version 1.75 is packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes. If you have any feedback or run into any issues you can always find help on PiHome site. This release packed with some serious improvements and bug fixes, to name some of them as follow. Highlights in This Release There are over 100 changes to PiHome since Last release version 1.74, to name few of…

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