MySQL Access From Remote Computer

By Default MySQL only accept local connection to enable MySQL access from remote computer we need to make some changes. Edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf file and search for bind-address line and comment it out and save it.

User Permission Login to MySQL by issuing following command, you will be prompted for my your MySQL root password.

Enter MySQL root password that we set when you installed MySQL server on rpi, after successful login issue following command to give access to…

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One Wire Temperature Sensor – DS18B20 to MySQL/MariaDB Database

If you followed instructions on how to connect One Wire DS18B20 to Raspberry pi gpio then next step would be how to take temperature readings from DS18B20 One Wire digital temperature sensor and store these readings to MySQL/MariaDB database. As you may know that each DS18B20  One Wire digital temperature sensor has a unique 64-bit serial number wonderful part that we can have more then one DS18B20 One Wire digital temperature sensor connected to same 1-Wire bus. Check out PiHome…

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