Making WiFiManager compatible with MySensors 2.3.2

Its not bug but a workaround just in case if any one is searching for solution. I was successfully using WiFiManager with MySensors 2.3.1 but after upgrading from MySensors 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 i was unable to compile ESP8266 gateway sketch and had error

To fix this iissue you need to comment out MySensors code in two location in core/MyGatewayTransportEthernet.cpp may be there is better way but this is quick fix.   Comment out line 49 to 55


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Serial Gateway on Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO

Serial Gateway on Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO

There are few ways to connect Serial Gateway to Raspberry pi. The easiest one is via USB port to raspberry pi. Due to the size of raspberry pi zero i prefer to have small PCB which will serve me purpose of gateway, zone and boiler controller. This can reduce the cost of having multi zone smart heating at the same time. Connecting Serial Gateway on Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO Raspberry pi GPIO are 3.3v tolerant but we have to use…

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Building a MySensors Serial Gateway

Connect Arduino to Raspberry Pi There are few ways to connect MySensors Serial Gateway (Arduino) to Raspberry pi, the easiest one is to connect Serial Gateway (Arduino) via USB port to raspberry pi. This is be easiest way and saves hassle of all wiring on other hand we can use serial pins on raspberry pi to connect to Arduino which is little bit difficult but we are here to build everything our self so let’s build pcb board with all…

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Python Script to Communicate with Serial Gateway

To communicate with mysensors serial gateway I’m using Python script which run as cron job on my controller (Raspberry pi). Python script is used to receive all incoming and sending all out going commands through serial gateway to all mysensors nodes. MySQL Table to For  Incoming Messages First you need to create table in MySQL database so we can save all incoming messages from wireless sensors to MySQL database. Simply create table or copy and past this script to create…

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