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How to Build Smart Heating with Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi

IOT (Internet of things) is common notion these days but what really you can do with it? what first thing you want to connect? how you can make something smart if it isn’t smart?  i.e Smart Heating, what are the pros and cons?

You only have two options, one buy off-the-shelf commercially available product (there are tons and tons of comparison between all commercially available solution so i m not going to go through any of that), second you could spend less and have fun building things yourself.

Fancy second option? then Let Get Started!!!

This Project is based on credit card size single board computer called Raspberry Pi, whole systems is presented using Apache web server, all information is stored in MySQL database. Python script is used to log temperature sensor data using One wire DS1820 temperature sensor, most of the code is written in PHP.

Before we deep dive into this project something very important: PiHome comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR HEATING SYSTEM UNTIL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, contents provided here are for information and education purpose only, I take no responsibility for any loss or damage to you or your property.”

Following posts aren’t in sequence, if you want to follow all step by step please check this link.

Raspberry Pi WiFi setup

I prefer to use WiFi on Raspberry Pi as it makes RPi portable and limits the numbers of cable attached to this small mighty computer lets do Raspberry Pi WiFi setup to have less cables attached to this might computer. Setup WiFi on Raspberry Pi Lets setup wifi on raspberry pi so we can go wireless, First you need to scan for wifi networks, use the command sudo iwlist scanning wlan0 scan to list all available wifi networks in your…

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Enable Reboot/Shutdown RPI from Web

You can not simply run command from php file to Reboot/Shutdown Raspberry Pi as you would from shell and it wouldn’t be very convenient to login to shell and issue Reboot/Shutdown command each time you need to bring reboot or shutdown your Raspberry Pi. You need to write script that would reboot Raspberry Pi. Some OS configuration changes to allow the reboot command from web application. Php page to execute script to shutdown or reboot Raspberry Pi. Python Script for…

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Raspberry Pi System Optimisation

We need to modify few things before we can continue to next step: disable power management so we can connect pi over WiFi reliably, make our SD card lost longer by moving logs to USB stick, disable GUI as we don’t need GUI running and utilize CPU time, expand file system to utilize all SD card space. Disable Power Management for Raspberry PI I am using cheap generic USB WI-Fi dongle, the latest image has built-in support for most WiFi…

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