General Help

WiringPi Installation

The WiringPi is required to interact with Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins, it plays very important part to control zoned heating system, In this post i will show you how to install WiringPi on your Raspberry Pi. With WiringPi we can control multi zone heating system and your boiler relay that is connected directly on your Raspberry pi GPIO pin. if you want to build wireless zoned heating system then follow Wireless Arduino Multi Zone Controller Relay with nRF24L01.  Install WiringPi…

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Raspberry Pi WiFi setup

I prefer to use WiFi on Raspberry Pi as it makes RPi portable and limits the numbers of cable attached to this small mighty computer lets do Raspberry Pi WiFi setup to have less cables attached to this might computer. Setup WiFi on Raspberry Pi Lets setup wifi on raspberry pi so we can go wireless, First you need to scan for wifi networks, use the command sudo iwlist scanning wlan0 scan to list all available wifi networks in your…

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