All nodes i.e temperature sensors, boiler relay module, zone relay module etc. are scattered around the house that are responsible for controlling light, heating and other IOT devices serves very little purpose if we can not communicate with them or pass some instructions. Most of the time these devices are battery powered and even ones with main powered don’t communicate through home WiFi and for the battery powered nodes WiFi isn’t the option due to the fact how WiFi works even PiHome Smart Heating nodes aren’t WiFi connected.

Most of the time these IOT devices are connected through low powered nRF24L01 trans-receiver but on same time all these IOT nodes need to communicate with raspberry pi (controller). Now million dollar question: how we can communicate and pass some instructions to these IOT devices/nodes to have control on them? the simple solution that bridge the both worlds (nRF24L01 and WiFi/Ethernet) and to do this we need a device that can communicate to all IOT devices/nodes over nRF24L01 and to our controller over WiFi/Ethernet or serial, you may hear about it as Smart Home Gateway or simply IOT Gateway but its same thing so ultimately it communicate with all the nodes and on other side connect with your home automation controller either over WiFi, Ethernet or over serial port.

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Basic Configuration/Link between PiHome Smart Home Gateway, Nodes and Controller

PiHome Smart Heating Gateway has nRF24L01 to communicate with the nodes and Ethernet/WiFi to connect to the home network to which controller will also be connected. See image below for reference architecture, left side is temperature sensors node with NRF24L01 then in the middle you have PiHome Smart Heating Gateway or IOT Gateway that receive temperature readings from sensors node and then right side is your PiHome Smart Heating Controller software installed on raspberry pi that will process/digest these temperature readings and made decision for your heating needs.


WiFi Smart Home Gateway

WiFi Smart Home Gateway

PiHome Smart Heating Gateway is available to purchase from PiHome eBay Store, i m not making any money out of these sales, i m just trying to help all the creator/makers and get them to understand how this IOT stuff works and how they can have all connected devices by using the DIY skills.

PiHome Gateway from NRF24L01 to Ethernet_WiFi

PiHome Gateway from nRF24L01 to Ethernet/WiFi PCB



PiHome Smart Gateway is compatible with MySensors. For more information on how to communicate with smart home gateway check this post. For battery powered temperature sensors that runs on 18650 battery.