The nRF24L01+ transceiver module uses the 2.4GHz band and it can operate with baud rates from 250kbps up-to 2Mbps true ultra low power and low cost transceiver. nRF24L01+ communicate with Arduino via SPI interface and it consumes around 12mA with operating voltage from 1.9v to 3.3v. nRF24L01+ can communicate with other nRF transceiver modules and it can reach 100m in clear line of sight with lower baud rate. In this article I will explain you how to connect nRF24L01 with Arduino, Let’s Connect Arduino with nRF24l01 Radio.

Basic nRF24L01+ pin connection with Arduino

Below table for Arduino Pin and nRF24L01 pins and colour for easy understanding otherwise you can use any colour cable.

Arduino Pro Mini/Nano nRF24L01+ Colour
3.3V VCC Red
9 CE Orange
10 CSN/CS Yellow
13 SCK Green
11 MOSI Blue
12 MISO Violet
2 IRQ Gray

Here how nRF24L01 connect with Arduino, i also added battery connection to RAW pin and GND as i m feeding Arduino through RAW pin and using on board voltage regulator to get propoer voltage to arduino board and to nrf24l01. To conserve battery you need to remove two LEDs from Arduino board.

nRF24L01 with Arduino Connection

nRF24L01 with Arduino Connection

Once basic connections between Arudino and nRF24L01 are completed then its easy to connect OneWire DS18B20 Temperature Sensor with arduino which only requires 3 pins and same goes for Relay module to control Boiler or Relay module for Zone valve.