PiHome – Smart Heating Control available to download and it is compatible with MySensors WiFi Gateway, Ethernet Gateway and Serial Gateway with nRF24L01+ with PA and LNA wireless Module . All temperatures sensors nods are running on Arduino 3.3 with nRF24L01+/2.4GHz RF Wireless Module powered by 18650 battery and Zone Relay Module and Boiler Relay module on Arduino Nano 5v powered by 5v power source. Below are downloadable MySQL database, Python Script for MySensors Serial and Python Script for MySensors WiFi/Ethernet Gateway only.

I have added button console for boost for each zone and away. (i still need to do writing for this).

This Project is available to download from GitHub

When you deploy MySQL database it already comes with Ground Floor, First Floor and Hot Water and one Boiler preconfigured. Follow the instructions and enjoy

Username: Admin
Password: pihome

You can check demo of this at