Raspberry Pi SD Card IMG for Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB on a Raspberry Pi (LAMP) with phpMyAdmin

Raspberry pi
  • Version 0.04
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  • Create Date March 7, 2018
  • Last Updated December 5, 2019

Raspberry Pi SD Card IMG for Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB on a Raspberry Pi (LAMP) with phpMyAdmin

I have prepared Raspberry pi 8GB SD card image with the LAMP stack and including Apache, PHP 7.3 and MySQL/MariaDB and phpMyAdmin pre installed and configured, you can download this image and burn it on SD card (minimum 8GB sd card required). if you need help with how to copy img file to SD card please check this OS (Raspbian Jessie) Installation and WiFi Configuration.

Unable to download? check direct download link

Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster).
You need to expand the file system to the full size of the sd card. I did an update and upgrade to keep it all current to date 07-03-2018. The Image is 677 MB in size.

Rasbian OS Credentials:
Username: root
Password: pihome2019

MySQL/MaridaDB Credentials:
Username: root
Password: passw0rd

phpMyAdmin Login Credentials:
Username: phpmyadmin
Password: pihome2019

To access phpMyAdmin go to http://<pi ip address>/phpmyadmin from web browser. There has been no other modification or optimisation. Make sure you change these login credentials to something more secure. if you like this drop a thank you line.

Unable to download? check direct download link



  1. thank you so much PIHome πŸ™‚

  2. Hi ,

    very good image, I spent days trying to install phpmyadmin, and could not, now I have a 100% easy image to develop my datalloger with raspberry, thank you very much pihome .. soon I will share my results

  3. Although I have set up a RPi LAMP stack myself before, I needed to get up and running with a project quickly. Downloaded your image, quick update and I was up and running in half an hour. Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing.

  4. thank you very much, your image is exactly what i need for my school project. Thank you again.

  5. Hello, I want to use this img file, but after downloading this file and trying to open and I get a message “This file is damaged”. What can I do? Raspberry Pi 3B+ SD 8GB.

    • @Denis,
      this image was created on Raspberry pi B+ i’ll update this image over weekend so it can function with Raspberry pi 3B+ as well. you can download PiHome image and copy that and delete all contents of /var/www/ folder and remove all cron jobs. (as work around if you need LAMP on RPI 3B+)

  6. Thanks for your effort!
    Just one note, I couldn’t d.l your image from link. Had to look at source and remove a small “‘” in your <a href= …. area..

    Made me proud to find the error… even better…

  7. Dank voor de image. Ik krijg alleen onderstaande error als ik een gebruiker wil aanmaken voor een database. Al gezocht op internet maar kom er niet uit. “SQL Fout (1045). Access denied for user ‘root@’%’ (using password: YES)”

  8. Thnx for the image. I can’t add a user. I still get this error : SQL Fout (1045). Access denied for user β€˜root@’%’ (using password: YES)”

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