Raspberry Pi System Optimisation

We need to modify few things before we can continue to next step: disable power management so we can connect pi over WiFi reliably, make our SD card lost longer by moving logs to USB stick, disable GUI as we don’t need GUI running and utilize CPU time, expand file system to utilize all SD card space. Disable Power Management for Raspberry PI I am using cheap generic USB WI-Fi dongle, the latest image has built-in support for most WiFi…

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Download Opensource PiHome Smart Heating Control

Download Opensource PiHome Smart Heating Control: This Project is based on Raspberry Pi, whole systems is presented using Apache web server, all information is stored in MySQL/MariaDB database. Python script is used to log temperature sensor data from One wire DS1820 temperature sensor, most of the code is written in PHP. PiHome – Smart Heating Control is opensource and available to download free of cost and it is compatible with MySensors WiFi Gateway, Ethernet Gateway and Serial Gateway with nRF24L01+…

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