Roadmap/Feature for PiHome

i have tons of email from lots of people requesting different features and upgrades so i thought to have post on site about roadmap/feature requests for PiHome so we can share ideas what we can do and what is needed and how community can help and contribute, right now everything is under one post but once we get things moving we can have one dedicate page for each upgrade. List of request/features i have so far:  Weekly Schedule 7-Day Programmable…

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Smart Heating Flow Chart

This is step by step process/flow chart on how PiHome Smart Heating make decision when to turn on heating and when its time to turn it off and save on gas bill and keep desirable temperature at any given time. The chart is self explanatory, leave comments below for any suggestion or improvements you think I should add. (Thank to Paul Harness for updating this)

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PiHome Smart Heating controller required some task to be schedule on regular interval to function properly, add all following crontab jobs as root Database Cleanup: Delete Temperature records older then 3 days. Delete Node Battery status older then 3 months. Delete Gateway Logs data older then 3 days. if you want to keep all data comments following line.

Get CPU temperature and update database.

Update Weather from OpenWeather, Make sure you signup to openweather api and update api…

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Buy PiHome Smart Heating – DIY Raspberry Pi Home Automation Kit for Smart Heating

Buy PiHome Smart Heating – DIY Raspberry Pi Home Automation Kit for Smart Heating:  PiHome – Smart Heating Control is central heating control systems that runs on Raspberry Pi. You can control your home heating from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. PiHome is a wireless boiler control which mean you don’t need to run cables from PiHome controller to your boiler or to your heating zone valve or to any temperature sensors in any heating zone. PiHome can manage nearly…

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Smart Home Gateway from NRF24L01 to Ethernet/WiFi

All nodes i.e temperature sensors, boiler relay module, zone relay module etc. are scattered around the house that are responsible for controlling light, heating and other IOT devices serves very little purpose if we can not communicate with them or pass some instructions. Most of the time these devices are battery powered and even ones with main powered don’t communicate through home WiFi and for the battery powered nodes WiFi isn’t the option due to the fact how WiFi works…

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Download PiHome Smart Heating Controller Raspberry Pi SD Card IMG

Download PiHome Smart Heating Controller Raspberry Pi SD Card IMG: PiHome Smart Heating Raspberry pi 8GB SD card image with the LAMP stack and including Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB and phpMyAdmin pre installed and configured, you can download this image and burn it on SD card (minimum 8GB sd card required). if you need help with how to copy img file to sd card please check this OS (Raspbian Jessie) Installation and WiFi Configuration. PiHome – Smart Heating Control…

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Troubleshooting – Install Apache, PHP 7.0 and MySQL/MariaDB on a Raspberry Pi (LAMP) with phpMyAdmin

Troubleshooting Apache, PHP 7.0, and MariaDB LAMP, LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. I have LAMP installation post for PiHome but i see lots and lots of people are looking for setting up php 7 with phpMyAdmin and MariaDB on raspberry pi and there isn’t any comprehensive set of instruction that covers this all for PHP 7, MariaDB on raspberry pi. If you are installing LAMP on your Raspberry Pi for PiHome follow OS…

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Raspberry pi Heating Boiler Control System Relay

Raspberry pi Heating Boiler Control System Relay: Control gas boiler from raspberry pi gpio with relay by connecting it to room thermostat connection on gas boiler without passing any voltage to gas boiler or at least this is how i did it as my gas boiler had thermostat connector available, you need to check this with your boiler user/technical manual. You can control high voltage electronic devices using relays modules that are readily available in the market. I am using…

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Build a Web Connected Raspberry pi Thermostat

Build a Web connected raspberry pi thermostat and control your heating from any smart devices, Pihome comes with following two options one Wired to GPIO and wireless with nRF24L01. Buy PiHome Smart Heating – DIY Raspberry Pi Home Automation Kit for Smart Heating eBay Store You can download User Manual for PiHome Connection Wired Heating System Connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO 1-Wire DS18b20 Temperature Sensor Multi Zone Heating Control System Relay Raspberry pi Heating Boiler Control System Relay nRF24L01 Wireless…

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Raspberry pi Multi Zone Heating Control System Relay

Raspberry pi Multi Zone Heating Control System Relay: If your house have Multi Zone Heating then you can control each zone heating independently with raspberry pi and this will save you lot on your heating cost considering that you don’t have to heat all the house all the time. In this post i will show you how to build wired multi zone heating control system relay and control it from raspberry pi gpio so we can open and close zone…

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