Build a Web connected raspberry pi thermostat and control your heating from any smart devices. , simply follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time.

Step 1

OS (Raspbian Jessie) Installation and WiFi Configuration

Step 2

Install Apache, PHP and MySQL on a Raspberry Pi (LAMP)

Step 3

MySQL Access From Remote Computer

Step 4

If you set to MySQL users and password as per instructions then run setup.php from command line otherwise modify setup.php with correct MySQL username and password and save it and then run:

setup.php will create pihome database and then import table structure, create table view, save db config file with and create all relevant cron jobs.

Step 5

Change database and MySensors WiFi gateway settings in cron/

Step 6

Build MySensors WiFi Gateway

Step 7

Build 18650 Battery Powered Temperature Sensors

Now brows to your raspberry pi IP address while connected to your home Wi-Fi and you should see page.ย  Default login username is admin and password pihome

Login Page

Login Page